Friday, April 24, 2009


We went to Kennewick, WA for Thanksgiving. We got to see all of Darin's family while we were there. This is Tristan, Chloe, D.J., Malachi, and Hailey at the skateboard park.

Bret, Darin, Darci, Ryan, and Denny. Darin's with his brothers and sister. It is rare that they all get together at the same time. We took all the kids bowling and had a blast. Below is Grandma Bassett with all of her grandkids but one, Anthony was with his mother.

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Ariane said...

Hey! I found your blog! Yay. I just have to say that your kids are soooo cute and you look amazing in your family picture. WOW! I'm excited to keep tabs on you!