Sunday, September 27, 2009

Seattle Marineers vs Yankees

In August we went to Seattle to watch the Marineers play the Yankees. All of Darin's brothers were there with their families, and Darin's mother.

D.J, Cole, Hailey, Chloe, Gavin, Kamden, and Carter at the Space Needle.

At Pikes Market. We got to see the guys throw the fish around and sing. I wish we had had more time to spend there. Two hours isn't enough time to see all the shops.

We had the scariest seats. We were on the front row of the third level with 10 kids. It was a long drop to the next level. If anyone knows me well and my fear of heights, you will know how hard this was for me.

Aren't these 2 the hottest guys?!! This was Gavin's first major league game.

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